On March 14, 2023, the BRRSD community overwhelmingly voted for the passage of two bond referendums, setting us on the course for renovating our aging buildings and adding Full-Day Kindergarten. The next step in the process requires an additional question to support the operational expenses associated with Full-Day Kindergarten.


On Tuesday, November 7, 2023, the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District will once again ask the community to get out and vote to support the initiative that will drive the district into the future.  As of this writing, fewer than ten school districts in the entire State of New Jersey do not offer Full-Day Kindergarten.  Bridgewater-Raritan aims to provide an educational experience consistent with our peers, and full-day kindergarten will be a significant step in accomplishing that goal.


The  November 7 election will help satisfy the necessity to fund these crucial learning opportunities for our children and represent a major step in our quest towards equitable outcomes for all students.


Voter Information

Polling Locations:  November 7, 2023 
Polls are open between 6 AM-8 PM

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Referendum Details

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Referendum 2023
Public Question.

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Savings chart

Bridgewater-Raritan residents will have the opportunity to consider two referendum questions that will greatly enhance both our school district and our community 

Question #1 - Zero Tax Impact
Comprised of all Capital/Educational & Facilities Infrastructure Projects listed herein.

Question #2 - Tax Impact
Comprised of a Middle School Addition which would allow for a 6th Grade re-alignment resulting in a traditional 6, 7, 8 Middle School and also free up space at the primary schools to allow for the implementation of a Full Day Kindergarten Program.

Tax Calculator

Current Debt Service Payments will be Ending in 2023

This will offset the new debt being assumed under the targeted March 2023 Referendum.

State Aid is Available!

  • PROJECTED Financial assistance from the state
  • 34% SAVINGS on eligible projects (Not all projects are eligible)
    • Must be funded through a REFERENDUM
  • Debt Service Aid from the state helps to pay down the bond and this helps reduce the impact on the taxpayer.

** Current Debt Service Aid Calculations are estimated and based upon 4.5% interest rates subject to change based upon review and approval by DOE.

Referendum Priorities

Enhanced Learning Environments

Educational Programs drive the need to update facilities. The School Community believes that the students deserve facilities that support the academic, social, emotional, wellness and creative opportunities available to them.


Student & Staff Safety

The safety of the students and staff has always been a priority. However, now more than ever, it is crucial to ensure that our schools have all the physical systems and technologies available to protect our students & staff.


Keep Up-to-Date with Operations

So much of what keeps school/facilities running smoothly is the condition of the systems and infrastructure “behind the scenes.” The roofing, windows, heating systems, tech network, and much more are at the core of keeping a building running. Although they go unnoticed in day to day use, it is crucial to keep these systems in good condition.


Why Now?

  • While the Board of Education and Administration have successfully addressed many facility needs over the years, the amount of work necessary cannot be completed within the operating budget; WE NEED TO DO MORE...
  • We are dealing with aging schools, (OLDEST = 61.0 YEARS OLD) Some with original windows, doors, and other infrastructure items that have reached the end of their life expectancy.
  • Current INTEREST RATES are on the rise and we’d like to secure the rate while still somewhat reasonable.
  • UP TO 34% DEBT SERVICE AID is available on eligible projects. If approved by the Department of Education, this could mean MILLIONS in savings for Bridgewater-Raritan!
  • CURRENT DEBT SERVICE AID PAYMENTS ARE ENDING and therefore, the new debt being assumed under the March Referendum, won’t be adding to an already existing debt.

What We Are Proposing

The Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District will request funding for a DISTRICT-WIDE FACILITIES RENOVATION PROGRAM to include potential INFRASTRUCTURE + CLASSROOM RENOVATION PROJECTS and an ADDITION, via a Referendum Vote on March 14, 2023.

Our Facilities in Need:

The oldest building sections in our school building are:
61 Years Old

Dealing with aging schools, some with original windows, doors, and other infrastructure items that have reached the end of their useful life expectancy. 

Boy sketch notes

What Would Be Done

The proposed Referendum would provide much needed facilities upgrades and renovations that would allow our facilities to support an exciting and progressive curriculum. Projects include: