New contract will result in higher salaries to drive buses in BRRSD

New contract will result in higher salaries to drive buses in BRRSD

A new contract with the Bridgewater-Raritan Transportation Association (BRTA) will appeal to
potential bus and van drivers to join the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District.

The Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District Board of Education approved the new
contract with the BRTA at its regular meeting on Tuesday, April 30.

According to Dr. Dan Fonder, the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel for the school district,
the new job posting features new —and significantly higher—salary ranges.

“We are starting at more than $31 per hour, and our guide now tops out at $37 per hour, an
annual salary of $40,000.” Dr. Fonder revealed.

Dr. Fonder explained the mission of the school district and its commitment and passion for all
its staff members.

“Our bus drivers are a vital part of our school district in Bridgewater-Raritan. We are proud to
have a new contract that demonstrates how much the Board of Education, administration, and
the larger community values and appreciates our bus drivers. Bridgewater-Raritan is a great
place to be for teachers as well as for other staff members who work with our students,” Dr. Fonder said.

He concluded.

“We look forward to our returning BRRSD bus drivers and our new bus drivers earning a great
salary as part of the new collective bargaining agreement approved by the Board of Education
on April 30, and in effect beginning July 1."

Here is the job posting detailing the bus and van driver position.


BRRSD Job Posting for Bus/Van Driver