Distance Learning - Summer Break

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Thanks to all in the B-R Community. We completed more than a third of the academic year through Distance Learning. As we move into the summer, student accounts will remain active and borrowed devices will stay with our students. 

We are also making Summer Learning Opportunities available for all.

We hope that everyone will take some time to relax, get outside, and do what makes them happy! We know that this summer may be different from summers past for many of our families. Because of this, we are providing Summer Learning Opportunities for students to choose to explore, if they wish.

What are Summer Learning Opportunities? These are OPTIONAL activities in each of the content areas that are meant to build upon, enrich or remediate previous learning.  These opportunities are meant to be engaging and fun!  They differ from summer "work" as they are NOT mandatory.  

Another great way to engage all of our students is through Summer Reading. Please be sure to check out A Summer Reading Adventure, below, to learn more about how students can join the adventure and foster their love of reading. Family members can join too!

If you have any questions, please contact Annemarie Mattia, Supervisor of Professional Practice, via email: amattia@brrsd.k12.nj.us

This page also provides important information and fun and useful links to support families and students over the break. Scroll down to find the Family Resources.

Important Information

Resources for Students and Parents

Get Outside!

Before you jump into all of these incredible online activities, remember to get out as much as you can. Walk! Play! Just make sure you practice social distancing! Be active during the break! 

Non-School Situations

During our break, if you have an emergency situation please contact: