Social Media

Social Media has become a major aspect in the lives of our students. As a district, we believe that social media presents opportunities for students to make connections and grow creatively; however, social media also presents great challenges.

The 24/7, indelible reality of social media has forever changed how our students view and interact with the world. As parents and educators, we must work together to ensure our students learn to navigate the social media world safely and to use social media effectively as a tool.

General Resources

These resources support adults as we work with our students in this constantly changing reality. They are only a small sample of what is available to us all. Hopefully, this makes the full-time job of staying on top of social media a bit easier.

Smart Devices and Parental Controls

When and how to provide access to smart devices is a much-debated topic and one that the district leaves to individual families.

The resources here can help families navigate this conversation.