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  • August 28th - New Teacher Orientation (new staff only)
  • September 3rd - High School - Afternoon Session
  • September 4th - Middle School - Morning Session
  • September 4th - Eisenhower - Afternoon Session
  • September 4th - Hillside - Afternoon Session

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This site is intended for training purposes only. All data modified here will have NO impact on your live gradebook and is not accessible outside of BRRSD. This training site is based on a snapshot of PowerSchool taken on 4/23/19 and is not being maintained with updated information.  The training site will remain available through September 2019, but will not be updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

PowerTeacher Pro FAQ

All of my classes have the same name.  How can I change the name?

Go to Settings > Class Descriptions.  In the Custom Class Name box, fill in the name you would like to use for the class.  To sort your classes alphabetically by custom name, go to Settings > Display Settings.  Under Display and Sorting, select Section Number (Sort by Course/Custom Name).

Can I make PowerTeacher Pro open to the Scoresheet instead of Assignment List?

Return to the PowerTeacher Portal.  Click Personalize on the left hand sidebar, then click PTP Preferences.  Check the box and press submit.  Next time you log in, click the link under the name of one of your classes to go directly to the Scoresheet.

Can I search for a specific student across all of the sections I teach?

Yes - go to Students.  Under the search bar click All.  Then type a student's name in the search bar.

How can I make my gradebook bigger?

Click on your name in the top right corner.  Medium and large will also show student pictures on the Scoresheet, Assignment List, and several other screens.

How do I email the parents of the students I teach?

 Go to Class > Contact Email.  Select all the email addresses from the box at the bottom of the page.  Then copy and paste them into an email.

Where do I see students who dropped from my classes?

Go to Students and click Show Dropped.  Remember to switch back to Show Enrolled if you can only see dropped students.

Can I see transfer grades for students who came from another class?

Yes!  This is a brand new feature in the latest version of PowerSchool.  Check out this how to video to see how it works.

Can I import grades from Google Classroom?

Yes, go to Grading > Assignment List.  Click on the assignment to which you want to import and then click the gear.  In order to ensure the proper importing format, it is recommended that you first download a template by clicking Export Scores Template.  Click No if you want to export a blank template (this will be a spreadsheet in the appropriate format to be imported back into the gradebook).  Open the downloaded file in Excel and fill in the Score column.  Do not change anything else.  When you are done, click the gear again and click Import Scores.  Select the file and click Next.  You will see a preview of the scores before they import.  You can also use this method to export scores from one class and import them into another.

Why aren't my grades calculating correctly?

Anytime your grades don't look like they are calculating correctly, it is a good idea to manually recalculate your grade.  This can be done by clicking the gear from the Scoresheet and selecting Recalculate Final Grades.  If your grade is still not calculating correctly, double check your grade calculation formula by clicking the gear and selecting Traditional Grade Calculation.  Make sure you have not created any assignments in this class that are not part of your calculation formula.
High School Only - Please keep in mind that any grade changes need to be made in your gradebook or your F1 grade will not calculate correctly.  The F1 calculation is preset for you according to the standard district calculation.  If you have a different calculation (no midterm/final, for example), please make sure you have updated your F1 calculation accordingly.

Can I enter grades for more than one class at a time?

Yes - in the class switcher menu at the top of the screen, click the Groups tab.  Select a group of your courses either by course name or by Period/Day, then go to the Assignment List.  Click on the name of the assignment to enter grades.  Your students from all selected sections will appear here together.

My question wasn't answered here - where do I get more information?

PowerSchool has great help resources, which you can access by clicking the question mark on any screen in PowerTeacher Pro.  You can also explore the tutorials and other resources on this website.  For additional support, please contact the PowerSchool admin in your building or put in a tech ticket.