The K-12 mathematics program emphasizes the Mathematics Content Domains as outlined in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS). The program develops critical thinking skills while embedding the New Jersey Standards for Mathematical Practice into the daily teaching and learning.

Grades 1 through 4 employ a small group instructional model that allows for differentiated instruction, enrichment, reinforcement, and remediation based on individual student needs. The content is presented using a concrete - pictorial - abstract (CPA) approach. In addition to grade level classes, students entering grades 2 through 4 can apply and qualify for the Academically Independent (AI) program. Students qualifying receive math instruction at an accelerated pace. Students entering grade 4 can also qualify for placement in 4A Mathematics. Unlike the AI program, students in 4A Mathematics only receive accelerated instruction in mathematics.

The mathematics program in grades 5-8 builds upon the primary school program which provides an emphasis on problem solving, skill consolidation, and a deep understanding in preparation for algebra while utilizing a CPA approach. A CPA learning progression is embedded throughout instruction and teaches concepts with bar models that are developed and extended from the early grades through 6th grade. Through the middle grades, students develop conceptual thinking necessary for higher level mathematics.

The high school mathematics curriculum is designed to meet the individual differences in ability, interests, and future educational/life goals. Students are required to take 15 credits of high school mathematics, including Algebra I and Geometry, or the content equivalent, and a third year of math that builds on the concepts and skills of algebra and geometry and prepares students for college and 21st century careers. Courses in statistics, engineering, and computer science are also available through the mathematics course offerings. The full list of high school mathematics offerings and course descriptions can be found in the High School Program of Studies.