Family & Consumer Sciences

It is the intent of the FCS Department to prepare our students with the necessary skills to be successful and productive members of a technological society.  Our courses place an emphasis on problem solving, critical thinking, and providing an outlet for individualized creative expression. Courses strongly emphasize the development of career awareness, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.  The curriculum includes the integration of technology, time management, problem-solving, and cooperative learning.  In addition, students develop interpersonal skills by working in groups with classmates from a variety of socioeconomic and culturally diverse backgrounds.
We further believe that:

  • Originality and artistic expression are critical elements for the success of students within the department as well as beyond their high school experience. 
  • Students explore their creative interests through the exploration of culture, design, creation, and presentation of original work, aesthetics, and analysis. 
  • The foundation of artistic understanding provides students with a unique perspective, which allows them to view their world differently. 

The FCS Department offers the student a wide range of courses that emphasize practical problem solving which will enhance their lives and further prepare them for the 21st Century technologically based society in which they live.