Capstone Course Information

  • The capstone course requirement may be completed starting in September 2024 during grade 11 or 12 based on the following criteria:
    • All students enrolled in a career concentration are eligible to take the required capstone course in grade 12
    • Students having completed a minimum of 10 credits towards their concentration may take the required capstone course in grade 11 
    • Courses taken in grade 9 or 10 cannot be counted as the required capstone course
  • The topic selected for the capstone project must be related to the career concentration
    • For students enrolled in multiple career concentrations:
      • If the same capstone course is permitted for the multiple desired career concentrations, the student may select a topic that integrates all of the desired career concentrations to meet the capstone requirement for those career concentrations
      • Students enrolled in multiple concentrations where different capstone courses are required must take a capstone course within each concentration