Career Concentrations

BR Career Concentrations

Career concentrations are opportunities for students to design an educational program consisting of a coherent progression of courses aligned to their college or post-secondary career interests. Students may enroll in one career concentration, multiple, or none at all.  All career concentrations will provide students with rich educational experiences that will prepare them for careers of the 21st century. 

Career Concentration Endorsements

The purpose of the Career Concentrations Endorsement is to certify that a student has accomplished deep learning in a selected field that combines academic study and career exposure.  A Career Concentration Endorsement is reported on the high school transcript and signifies to colleges and employers that students:

  • Completed a comprehensive, in-depth, and coherent course of study in a specialized area
  • Conducted a culminating capstone project in a field of interest

  • Developed key professional skills including critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, perseverance, creativity, innovation, analyzing, reasoning, and questioning

  • Gained firsthand knowledge about a desired job or industry from experienced professionals

Students are eligible to earn a career concentration endorsement if they successfully complete the following academic study and career exposure requirements:

  • Academic Study - minimum 17.5 credits within the selected career concentration, which must include a course that meets the capstone requirement
    Click here for more detailed information about the capstone requirement

  • Career Exposure - minimum 10 hours of any combination of the following:
    • Approved job shadowing
    • Attending sessions with approved guest speakers 

    • Other approved experiences related to the selected career concentration

BRHS currently offers the following five career concentrations:

  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering & Robotics

  • Music

  • Visual Arts