Karen Jones

Asst. Superintendent of C&I

Jason Mauriello

Director of 21st Century Learning & Data

Annemarie Mattia

Director of Elementary Education

Theresa Brown

Secretary, Curriculum & Instruction

Kaitlyn McGhee

Secretary, Curriculum & Instruction

Stacy Garcia

Secretary, Curriculum & Instruction

Phone: (908)685-2777 ext. 937402



The Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District will be offering a continuum of gifted and talented services for 2023-2024, designed to challenge the intellectually and academically advanced student through a multidimensional teaching approach involving accelerated and enriched curricula and course content.  These services are intended to meet the needs of students who possess or demonstrate high levels of ability, in one or more content areas, when compared to their chronological peers and who require modification of their educational program if they are to achieve in accordance with their capabilities.

click here to learn more about gifted and talented services for 2023-2024


Please click on the link below for information on the new BR Career Concentrations that will begin in September 2024 at the high school.


The Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District pre-k-12 district curricula are designed to align to New Jersey State learning standards and instructional best practices. The district curriculum contains what students should know and be able to do (skills and content), how it is taught (instruction and methodology) and how it is measured (assessments).