School Schedules

As a part of the district's focus on Health and Wellness, we are currently exploring the potential benefits of changes to both our school start times and our daily schedules. Many districts, in New Jersey and across the country, have altered each of these in order to better support students, their families, and staff members.

In the early fall, the Board of Education will be leading a public exploration of the potential benefits and challenges of changing our start times. To this end, we held a public forum on October 21st with panelists of varying experiences and perspectives. Video of that forum, as well as resources presented that evening, can be found below.

We are also providing the resources the Board is using to guide the conversation. Those resources are below. 

During the fall, principals at the high school and middle school will be working with their staffs to examine our current daily schedules, examine what other schools, have done, and determine if a change would benefit our students.

We hope you have the voices of our various stakeholders in this conversation.

Resources on School Start Times




Public Forum

For the full video of the event, please click here.
Highlights of the evening:

  • 0:00 - Welcome
  • 6:38  - Presentation of the Data – Dr. Bert Mandelbaum
    • 10:13 – Background
    • 22:30 – Issues Limiting Sleep in Adolescents
    • 23:00 – Understanding Adolescent Physiology
    • 28:10 – What should a student’s morning routine look like?
    • 29:05 – Policy Statements
    • 29:54 -  Evidence that Delaying School Start Times Works
    • 32:00 – Conclusion
  • 34:10 – Introduction of Candidates
  • 38:00  - Current State of Health and Wellness
  • 40:30 – Individual Statements
  • 54:50 – Frequently Asked Questions
    • 1:10:20  - What impact could this have on staff? How should we hear their voices?
    • 1:23:08 – What are the reasons not to address this issue?
    • 1:31:27 – How do you compare the investments needed to change SSTs with the investments being made to increase school safety?
  • 1:37:00 – Questions from the Audience
    • 1:37:10 – How do you shift the mindset?
    • 1:41:38 – How can we improve things, not with start times, but within the schedule of the day?
    • 1:45:10 – Did the shifts in Princeton High School’s schedule and start times lead to any negative effects?
    • 1:48:45 – What are we seeing in society that exacerbate the issues connected to lack of sleep?
    • 1:55:30 – Is there any reason to believe that BRRSD is different than the districts from which all of this research is coming?
    • 2:00:15 – Summary of BRRSD-specific questions
    • 2:03:00 – The reality of the data
    • 2:03:45 – What are the barriers in Somerset County?
    • 2:06:30 – Given all the research, what is the obligation of any school district to address this?
  • 2:11:25 – Concluding Remarks


Presentation by Dr. Mandelbaum

Presentation Document here.

Survey Results - Spring 2019

In Spring of 2019, the district issued surveys to students, staff, and family members.

The results can be found here.