Social Media

Here's what's going on at BRRSD! Please find below a list of the official BRRSD Twitter accounts. 

A Twitter List by BRRSDTECH

@BRRSDSuper Superintendent
@BRRSD_ASSTSUPER Assistant Superintendent for Special Services
@BRRSD_AsstSupHR Assistant Superintendent for Personnel
@BRRSDHamilton Principal: Hamilton School
@BRRSDAdamsville Principal: Adamsville School
@BRRSDBradley Principal: Bradley Gardens School
@BRRSDCrim Principal: Crim School
@BRRSDJFK Principal: JFK Primary School
@BRRSDMilltown Principal: Milltown School
@BRRSDVanHolten Principal: Van Holten School
@BRRSDEisenhower Principal: Eisenhower Intermediate School
@BRRSDHillside Principal: Hillside Intermediate School
@BRRSDBRMS Principal: Middle School  
@BRRSDBRHS Principal: High School
@BRHS_VPZAM Vice Principal: High School
@BRRSDStuSer Supervisor of Special Services
@BRRSDLove2Learn Supervisor Professional Practice and Development
@BRRSDArtsHum Director of Arts and Humanities
@BRRSDHistory Supervisor of Social Studies
@BRRSDWorldLang Supervisor of World Languages
@BRRSDBusiness Supervisor of Business, Technology and Family Consumer Sciences
@BRRSDMathHS Supervisor of Math Gr 9-12
@BRRSDScience Supervisor of Science
@BRRSDPEHealth Supervisor of Physical Education and Health
@BRRSDStuSerHS Supervisor of Special Services Gr 9-12
@BRRSDStuSerK6 Supervisor of Special Services K-6
@BRRSDGuidance Supervisor of Guidance
@BRRSDMathMS Supervisor of Math 5-8
@BRRSDelaHS Supervisor of English 9-12
@BRRSDELAk4 Supervisor of ELA and Social Studies K-4
@BRRSDSpecProg Supervisor of Special Programs
@BRRSDelaMS Supervisor of ELA Gr 5-8
@BRRSDStuSerMS Supervisor of Special Services Gr 7-8
@BRRSDTECH Supervisor of Instructional Technology
@BRRSDscienceSS Supervisor of Science and Social Studies K-5
@BRRSDPerfArts Supervisor of Performing Arts