Absence Reporting


Beginning January 3, 2022, we will be utilizing a google form to report absences, tardies, or dismissal changes.  This form is accessible through the Absence Reporting page on the High School website under Parent Resources.  In addition, the form will allow you to submit attachments or notes that are pertinent to your situation.  There is also an indicator for a COVID-related event.  This will help our health office respond as well.  


To submit this form we are asking for you to provide your child’s Student ID Number as there are sometimes students with the same name.  The student ID number is found on your child’s badge or in the parent portal under the Demographics tab.  We will also include it in the bottom of this email, for your records. 


The High School Absences email should no longer be used to report absences as this new form will streamline the process and allow us to expedite our absence reporting.  Also, we would prefer you use the Absence Form instead of a phone call especially if your child's absence is COVID related.  After you complete the Absence Form and check the COVID-related box, you will receive an email that must be filled out so that we can quickly and accurately determine when your child may return. 


Thank you very much for your cooperation.  



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