Benefits Open Enrollment

Benefits Open Enrollment Until June 7, 2019

Open Enrollment takes effect July 1, 2019.

If you wish to make changes to your health plans, now is the time:

  • Switch to a lower-premium, lower-contribution medical plan
  • Add / remove dependents from your plans
  • Enroll yourself for new coverage 
  • Enroll / re-enroll in the benefits opt-out

If you are interested in changing your plan to a lower premium, review the attached materials to see if a move could work for you.

Per your existing Collective Bargaining Agreement, if you wish to enroll in the Horizon BCBSNJ Direct Access 10 plan, you can do so by paying the Chapter78 contribution on the Direct Access 15 plan and 100% of the premium cost differential between the Direct Access 10 and Direct Access 15 plans.

Horizon BCBSNJ Direct Access 10 Enrollment Form

Add / Remove Dependents

During Open Enrollment, you can enroll an eligible dependent if you failed to do so within the initial 31-day window. For instance, you can enroll a new spouse or your dependent child who is eligible for coverage under the District plan (e.g., your child under age 26 without health coverage). Likewise, if your dependent child no longer needs District health coverage or has ‘aged out’ of the plan, or if you need to disenroll a spouse from whom you are now divorced, now is the time--while you should notify Human Resources within 60 days of such events, you can also do so now during Open Enrollment.

Note: if enrolling a new dependent(s) to your plans, you must provide copies of applicable eligibility documentation

  • Spouse: marriage / civil union certificate
  • Natural child: birth certificate showing employee name
  • Stepchild: birth certificate showing name of spouse/partner and marriage/civil union certificate with employee/spouse name
  • Adopted child: final court orders with presiding judge’s signature and seal

Enrollment/Change Requst Form

Enroll Yourself for New Coverage

Employees who are eligible for District coverage but are not currently enrolled can do so now during this Open Enrollment.

Enrollment/Change Requst Form

Dental Enrollment Form

Enroll / Re-enroll in Benefits Opt-Out

If you have access to benefits elsewhere (e.g.,through a spouse’s employer plan), you may be eligible to waive the District plan in return for cash payments.

Note, if you are currently waiving coverage and wish to continue your opt-out into the coming year, you must reenroll now. See the Opt-Out Election Form for more details.

If enrolling or re-enrolling in the waiver option, complete the form and return to Human Resources by June 7, 2019.

Next Steps:

  • Paperwork to make adjustments to your plans or enroll / re-enroll in the waiver option is due to Human Resources by June 7, 2019.
  • No changes? No action is needed; your plans will remain the same.
  • Any plan adjustments you make during this

Benefits Comparison Sheets

Horizon BCBSNJ Medical & Prescription Plan Benefits Comparison

Health Plan Employee Contribution Comparison

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