Crim School 2019 Annual Halloween Parade

Dear Crim Families,

Crim students will celebrate Halloween on Thursday, October 31st with our school-wide Halloween Parade.  Guests should plan to arrive at 1:30pm.  Children will walk outside through the gym/recess doors and return to the building through the gym/recess doors.  Parents, friends, and siblings are welcome to view the parade from any vantage point along the way.  In case of inclement weather, students will parade through the gym; unfortunately, we cannot accommodate spectators in the building.

Please remember the following if you plan to join us:

●        PreK and Kindergarten

          ○        Students in PreK-Grade K (half-day programs) may wear their costumes to school.

          ○        The morning PreK and Grade K classes will have their parade in front of the school beginning at approximately 10:00am,                      followed by a celebration in their classroom.  AM students are invited back to view the school-wide parade at 1:30pm.

          ○        PM PreK and Grade K classes will be parading outside with the entire school at 1:30pm. 

●        Grades 1-4

          ○       Students in Grades 1-4 may only wear costumes to school if they can comfortably go through the school day with the                             costume on.  Otherwise, students should bring their costumes to school in a bag with their name on it to change into                             before the parade.

●        Costume accessory weapons (sword, gun, etc.) should not be brought to school.  If a mask is necessary, please be sure that it              does not impair your child’s vision.

●        As your children select their costumes for school, please remind them that the student body is ages 3 and up.  All costumes                  should be safe and school-appropriate. 

●        Parents and guests do not need to enter the building and sign in to view the parade outdoors.  However, if you are entering the            building to attend a class party, you must sign in at the Main Office and wear a Visitor Badge.  Only Homeroom Parents and                  invited volunteers may enter the building after the parade.

●        As safety is our first priority, all exterior doors will be closed and locked. 

●        The Crim parking lot will be coned off to moving traffic for the afternoon parade.  Parking is often difficult - any help you can                  provide by carpooling would be appreciated.  Please park at Crim Park or along the residential roads. 

Regular dismissal time will be observed.  If you are helping in your child's classroom after the parade and plan to take them with you at dismissal time, please send in a note in the morning and sign your child out before you leave. All parents not volunteering in the classroom should follow regular dismissal procedures.


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