Behind the Mask Dance Contest

How are you feeling behind the mask?  Mask your face not your feelings. Unmask your feelings, get your dancing shoes on and “JUST DANCE”. Express your creativity and enter

“Masked Dance Contest 2021”
1st Prize- $ 50 Amazon Gift Card
2nd  Prize- $25 amazon gift card
3rd  prize- $25 amazon gift card
Prizes Category- Elementary School ( 1st, 2nd & 3rd) & High School/Middle School (1st, 2nd & 3rd)

Context Criteria

✔  Goal: Promote Mental Wellness & Support who are going through a difficult time.
✔  Video Guidelines
✔  Create Video to use dance to communicate your feelings and help support others going
through this pandemic.
✔    Send Video: 30 to 60 seconds
✔  The email should include:
•    A subject line formatted as follows: "County, Your Name, 'Contest Submission' "
•    Name of your Elementary, Middle School and High School and Your Grade
•    Project Title: “Behind the Mask Contest 2021”
•    Contact phone number and email
•    Parent or Guardian name and email/phone number to indicate approval
•    Any questions or concerns please email

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Friday, January 29, 2021
✔  Submissions: All entries should be submitted as an attachment and emailed to

If you are struggling 2nd Floor Helpline is here to help: call or Text 1-888-222-2228

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