Update on COVID-19 - School Closing/Distance Learning - 3/13/2020

BRRSD Families and Community Members,

As our governor said in his news conference today, "We will get through this as one NJ family." The same is true for our B-R family as well. Around the state, citizens are doing their part for the larger community in this time of need. The same is true in BRRSD.

Over the past two weeks, we have had stakeholders across the district step up without hesitation and prepare our plan for the weeks to come. That preparation will continue and the plan will evolve, but with everyone's cooperation we will be able to keep our community safe and keep learning moving forward for our students.

To that end, there is simply no way that any distance learning plan can replace the face-to-face instruction and interactions that students have with our incredible staff; however, it is because we have such incredible staff that we will make the most of the coming weeks.

All Somerset County public school districts worked together this week to ensure the most consistent, health-focused response. The most current recommendations from our medical leaders and the state government is that social distancing is critical as soon as possible. The collaboration of this larger group ensured the largest response we could collectively provide.

As announced yesterday, all BRRSD schools are closed through March 27. All activities connected to the schools have been canceled. Scheduled use of our buildings by other organizations or businesses are also canceled. Community members are asked not to seek entrance into the buildings as we clean them and maintain a sanitary environment over the next two weeks. 

From March 16 through March 27, we will be operating under our county-approved distance learning plan.  We recognize that an extended school closure can be complex and may cause hardship for our families. We also know that based on individual student needs, distance learning will mean different things. We will do our best to meet the needs of all.

Families will receive an email from the BRRSD Department of Information Technologies (DoIT). This email will be sent to the email address listed in PowerSchool. The email will contain your student’s username and password which you and your student can use to access our Distance Learning Platform, including all district Google Applications (including Classroom, Gmail, Meet and Forms). Depending on grade level, your student may already know and use these credentials regularly. The email will also contain clear directions on how to use the platform. The platform itself will open for students and families at noon on March 16. 

All communications with instructional and support staff will flow through this platform. District phones will not be used; please do not call our usual, hard-line phones.

We continue to follow the updated guidance from the CDC and our county and local (Bridgewater and Raritan) offices.

We know that students will react differently. If your students are struggling with this situation, please refer to our Wellness page for community resources, including specific resources on how to talk to your students regarding this situation.

Thank you for your continued collaboration,

Russell Lazovick

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