Update - COVID-19 - Day 16 - Return - 4/13/2020

Good Evening,
I hope you and your family had a restful break. I want to welcome everyone back as we shift into Marking Period 4 and continue Distance Learning.

Important Information:

  1. For Marking Period 4, start and end times for instruction and office hours will remain the same as they have been. 
    1. Students in grades 7-12 will move to an A/B schedule. This will allow students (and families) to focus on fewer topics per day and allow for longer, continuous periods of instruction and communication with teachers. 
    2. Please know that the Somerset County Vocational Technical High School is also moving to an A/B schedule. Our days align with theirs: Tuesday, April 14, 2020, will be an A Day for both schools. This should alleviate any conflicts for our shared-time students.
    3. This does not mean that students should plan to “attend” school on this schedule. This is intended to help teachers and students schedule time with students in an organized way. Within this schedule, teachers will continue to be available for questions and communication. They may also schedule live instruction. Any sessions will be recorded and posted in their Google Classroom. In this way, if students are unable to be a part of the live session, they can review at a time convenient for them and contact the teacher with questions.
    4. While we will be providing feedback on work and grading as appropriate, the focus during this time is health. Teachers will continue to work with students individually as this situation impacts them and their families.
  2. The district is continuing to deliver food to qualified families. If your financial situation has changed due to this crisis, please let us know by going to our website here (Select Free and Reduced Lunch).
  3. All facilities remain closed to the public. We know that outdoor activity during this time is needed. We encourage it for you and your families, but please remember to follow social distancing. Further, the district is not cleaning outdoor equipment. Please do not use any outdoor equipment, including playground elements, at this time. Following the recommendations from our health offices, contact with objects like these has been deemed not safe at this time.
  4. The decision on when to reopen schools rests with the governor. As he updates us, we will update you. Currently, he has stated that we will not officially revisit the matter until April 17th at the earliest. This means that from April 14 through April 17, 2020, we will continue with Distance Learning. We will continue to extend this, as necessary, based on the governor’s direction.
    1. Related to this, we continue to make decisions regarding scheduled events on a weekly basis. We intend to make these decisions in line with state guidance and as information is available. Most of these communications will be directed to individual students and families attending a specific school or involved with a specific activity.

Transitioning back to school under these conditions, even though we have been Distance Learning for three weeks, may not be easy. Please stay safe and communicate with us as necessary.

This is a difficult situation but we will get through it together. Thanks for making B-R such an incredible community.

Russell Lazovick
Superintendent of Schools

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