2020-11-06-District COVID Communication-Important Update

Dear Parents/Guardians and Staff: 

Over the last few days the district has sent information regarding six individuals from the HS who tested positive for COVID-19 and two individuals; one from each of our Intermediate Schools.  

Yesterday we learned of two additional individuals from the HS, one from the Middle School and one individual from our district support staff who tested positive. 

To the best of our knowledge, we believe there are eight positive cases this week at the HS, six of these individuals who were affected were all connected to an outside social event unaffiliated with the school district.  The other two individuals from the HS and one from the Middle School were unconnected to each other or any of the other cases and were contracted outside of school. At this time the source is unknown for the one positive individual from our district support staff. Anyone involved and determined to be in close contact has been notified and quarantined. There are 40 close contacts we are aware of and who have been isolated.

Until we are satisfied with the accuracy of our investigation, all activities on Friday, November 6th are canceled.  After we are satisfied contact tracing is completed we will determine if weekend activities will continue and/or the HS will reopen on Monday, November 9th for in-person instruction. We anticipate making an announcement by Saturday, November 7th, or sooner if possible.  

Stay well.

Dr. Thomas Ficarra
Interim Superintendent of Schools

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