2020-08-04 The Road Back - Schedules for September

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On Monday, August 3, 2020, I presented a schedule for the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District’s return to school in September using the guidelines set forth in the NJDOE The Road Back, as well as the recommendations from the CDC. Additionally, decisions for the creation of these schedules included the input from multiple meetings, survey data, and various stakeholder groups in the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District student and staff population.

We have worked diligently to ensure that every classroom is set up with desks set six feet apart to maintain social distancing. All hallways will be clearly marked as either one-way, or two one-way lanes. Hand sanitizers will be available in every classroom, isolation rooms will be discreet and private for symptomatic students. Our student bathroom facilitates will be monitored to control the number of students using the facility at a time and water fountains will be turned off with water filling stations remaining available for students or staff who have their own refillable container. Thorough cleanings of schools will take place each afternoon and on Wednesdays in schools housing the pre-k 8 students. Buses will also be cleaned daily.

Students who require one-on-one aides cannot be kept six feet away from their aide; therefore, appropriate PPE including masks, face shield, gowns and gloves will have to be worn by staff when six feet apart cannot be maintained.

Furthermore, at this time we are not able to transport students and maintain six feet social distance, therefore, we will require students to wear masks while traveling on the bus.

The schedules presented on Monday consist of the following: 

Grades PreK-8

  • Four-hour in-person day and virtual instructional hybrid day
  • AA/V/BB schedule - this schedule will divide students into two groups (cohorts) within each school. Group A will attend school in person on Monday and Tuesday while Group B will attend virtually on the same days. Group B will then attend school in person on Thursday and Friday, while Group A attends virtually. Both Groups will attend school virtually on Wednesday.

High School Grades 9-12 

  • Based upon previous data received from surveys, it was the district’s intent to keep all schools on the same schedule; however, the HS population exceeds the number of students who can be accommodated in two groups. In order to maintain safety for students and staff, the HS will have a three-cohort group rotation as defined below:
  • Groups 1, 2, & 3. Rotation as follows 1-1, 2- 2, 3 and 3, 1-1, 2-2 - the population of HS students who elect to attend an in-person/virtual hybrid day will be divided into three groups. Each group will attend school for Periods 1-4 or 6-9 rotating daily for all three groups. There will be no period 5. For example:  
  1. Week 1: On Monday, Group 1 will attend in school, periods 1-4 while Groups 2 and 3 attend virtually from home.  
  2. On Tuesday, Group 1 will attend in school, periods 6-9 while Groups 2 and 3 attend virtually from home. 
  3. On Wednesday, Group 2 will attend in school, periods 1-4 while Groups 1 and 3 attend virtually from home. 
  4. On Thursday, Group 2 will attend in school, periods 6-9 while Groups 2 and 3 attend virtually from home. 
  5. On Friday, Group 3 will attend in school, periods 1-4 while Groups 1 and 2 attend virtually from home. 
  6. Week 2: On Monday, Group 3 will attend in school periods 6-9 while Groups 1 and 2 attend virtually from home, and so on.

Distance Learning only

  • BRRSD is prepared to provide students with an authentic and engaging virtual/remote learning experience. There will be a combination of synchronous (live instruction) and asynchronous (independent work at various times) opportunities that will allow students to explore and engage in meaningful learning experiences that are aligned to the curriculum and connected to standards. 
  • Students will meet with their classroom and related-arts teachers for meaningful interactions that include time for learning and social engagement.  

For special education students, Individualized Education Plans will be used to drive program decisions for each student to meet their goals and objectives. The delivery of that instruction will mirror the general education program for students to the greatest extent possible.

By tomorrow, you will receive a message that will require you to fill out a form regarding your child’s return to school in September by August 11th.You will only need to fill out this form if you decide to opt out of in-person instruction and elect to have your child remain at home for virtual learning.

In order to fill out this form successfully, you will need to follow the login instructions below:

  1. Go to forms.google.com
  2. Login with your child’s BRRSD Account
  3. Click on the link sent to you in your email and you will be directed to the form.

Once you have completed the form for your child you are finished unless you have more than one child that will be opting out of in-person instruction in the district. You will receive an individual message for each child. Please fill out the form, if necessary, for each child using the instructions above.

Please note: If you opt out of in-person instruction at this time, your child may not return to in-person instruction until November 13, 2020.
Thank you and we look forward to a successful 2020-2021 school year.
Dr. Thomas Ficarra
Superintendent of Schools

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