2020-05-08 Update - COVID-19 - Day 33 - Staying Focused

Good Evening,

At the beginning of this week, Governor Murphy announced that we will finish the 2019-2020 school year under Distance Learning. While the pandemic has forced the closing of our buildings, it has not closed our schools.  Teaching and learning will continue through the end of the academic year.

We need your help to keep our students safe and focused. It will become more and more challenging as the weather improves and we are forced to stay home and continue social distancing to keep everyone connected and engaged. Our teachers and staff are working hard to make the remainder of the year fun and meaningful. 

We know that you are doing all you can to help your students participate and to ensure they submit their work.  Please continue to share your questions and your concerns directly with your teachers. Remember that you can monitor your student’s work regularly through PowerSchool, here. If you have technology needs, you can email for help, here. If you need any other support, visit our Distance Learning page, here.

Information regarding end-of-the-year procedures, events, and celebrations will continue to come from your schools. We are working with our safety officials and the county to celebrate all of our students’ achievements as enthusiastically and safely as possible. 

Thank you to everyone for helping us celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week. Your messages were greatly appreciated by our staff.  You can see all of them here.

We hope that you are safe and well at home. We are and will continue to be here with you.
Please continue to make healthy decisions and reach out if you need anything.

Important Reminders:

  1. All school facilities and grounds remain closed to the public. Please do not use any outdoor equipment, including playground elements, at this time.
  2. The academic calendar will remain the same for the rest of this school year. This includes our give back days. Barring emergent events, May 27 and June 5 will become days off from DL. 
  3. The district continues to deliver food to qualified families. If your financial situation has changed due to this crisis, please let us know by going to our website here (Select Free and Reduced Lunch).
  4. Pay careful attention to yourselves and your family members.  Resources for support can be found on our Distance Learning webpage.
  5. Attendance must be submitted each day by 10 a.m. with our Attendance Form.
    • Remember to log in to Chrome as each student
  6. For Tech Support, email: DLDtech@brrsd.k12.nj.us

Stay safe,

Russell Lazovick
Superintendent of Schools

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