2022-2023 Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Arrival Procedures

One of our most serious concerns is the safety of our youngsters at Adamsville School, especially when children are arriving at school in the morning and being dismissed in the afternoon. Children are excited and anxious to meet with friends and often walk without due regard to traffic. To assist you in providing for the “safety of our children” please observe the following guidelines and enclosed schematics. In order to have students enter the building safely while maintaining social distance, there will be a number of entrance points utilized this year. Each grade level and/or class will be assigned an entrance point depending on the way they are traveling to school.

Entrance to Building



Prek & K AM - Gr. 4 Morning Entrance (8:45 AM)

Students taking the bus will exit at the front of the school and enter the school by the main office (egress doors 104). There will be staff members outside the building and throughout the halls to assist students in need.


Walkers and Parent Escorts

Students that walk to school or are escorted by parents that have parked their vehicles will enter through the side door of the APR (door 117). This door will open at 8:45 AM.  If you choose to walk your child to the building, after parking the car please do not park close to the crosswalk.


Parents/Guardians driving students to school

Parents should not leave their vehicles.

The area labeled K-4 drop-off is the area where cars should pull up as close to the black star labeled on the map. Starting at 8:45 AM students may exit the car from the passenger side if the car is in the designated drop-off zone. Once your child has safely exited the vehicle please follow the car in front of you to exit the back parking lot. Be mindful of the Adamsville staff members that are directing traffic, particularly by the crosswalk. If the STOP sign is raised do not continue to move your car closer to the crosswalk as students or parents may be trying to cross.

The area labeled Pre-K is an area where parents with preschool-aged children ONLY may park their car while a school employee assists the child safely to exit the vehicle. 


Reporting Your Child’s Absence  

If your child is going to be late to school or absent for any reason, please notify the school using this link, send an email to Adamsvilleabsences@brrsd.org or call the Attendance Line at 908-526-6440 by 8:35 AM. 

‘Bell’ Schedule

  • 8:45 AM - 3:15 PM  Instructional School Day

  • 8:45 AM is the start of morning arrival. Students are required to be in their homeroom by 8:55 AM every day to meet for a morning meeting and attendance. Parents that arrive at school with their child after 8:55 AM will need to escort and sign the child in through the main entrance. 

  • 3:00-3:15 PM is End of the Day Closure: The teacher will be available to answer student questions at the end of the day.

Each day students will follow a daily schedule that will include at least one related art class (music, P.E., art, library, technology) and each of their core classes. Specifics about arrival and dismissal procedures will be sent at a later date. 



In order to safely dismiss students from the building while maintaining social distancing, there will be a number of egress routes with staggered dismissal times for parent pick-up. Staff will only release students to adults that are on the emergency contact list provided in PowerSchool (BRRSD’s student information system). At the designated time and location, the classroom teacher will walk the children to the specific egress route and ask the adult’s name that is picking up the child.  When we have confirmed the adult is on the emergency contact list, we will release the student for dismissal. Parents/guardians with siblings will pick up the youngest child first. Below you will find a list of egress route doors and times for dismissal (map attached). Once a routine has been established, communication about possible changes in dismissal times will be disclosed. 


Grade Level


Location (Outside Door #)

Prek - AM

11:35 AM

104 (Main office)

K - AM

11:35 AM

104 (Main office)

Prek - PM

3:07 PM

116 (APR back)

K - PM

3:07 PM

117 (APR side)

Gr. 1

3:10 PM

116 (APR back)

Gr. 2

3:10 PM

117 (APR side)

Gr. 3

3:13 PM

113 (Art room)

Gr. 4

3:13 PM

112 (Foyer Faculty Lounge)

All Students

3:15 PM

Dismissed from School


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